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When does EOMC update?

On Tapas and Webtoons: every Friday!

Patreon: Tuesdays and Fridays!

What program and tablet do you use?

Clip Studio Paint EX and a Cintiq Pro 24.

Do you still post on Webtoons and Tapas?

Yes, however, due to their strict no NSFW rules, in Webtoons I will not post the pages for explicit content and only use it for the notification. As for Tapas, I will post there with the needed censorship.

Can I draw fanart of any of your OCs?

Of course you can! Please link me on twitter so I can see it! My twitter is @loonytwin

Why isn't EOMC fully uncensored here?

I decided to keep the fully uncensored comic a patreon exclusive as a benefit for those who directly support my work. Even so, you can still 100% understand the story through this version.

Do you have other comics?

I have some work in progress comics! I will start uploading once I am almost done with EOMC.

What tier do I have to be on Patreon to read the comic uncensored?

You need to be at Level 2 which is the second tier (5USD) to be able to see the full comic uncensored, you will also be 15+ pages ahead of public update on Webtoons and Tapas, and be a whole chapter ahead from my website.  

When will books go on sale?

Once I fulfill my Patreon rewards first then I'll start selling books again to public readers!

Will you bring back EOMC Merch? When?

Yes! And hopefully soon!

Can you teach me how to do comics?

Sorry, I don't have the time and everyone's process is different?

Will you attend a convention so I can buy your books?

I will try to go to more cons! Mainly ones in California but hopefully in other states and countries as well!

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