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When does EOMC update?

Every Friday! Unless I have an issue I will let you guys know in advance.

What program and tablet do you use?

Clip Studio Paint and a Cintiq Pro 24.

Do you still post on Webtoons and Tapas?

Yes, however, due to their strict no NSFW rules, in Webtoons I will not post the pages for explicit content and only use it for the notification. As for Tapas, I will post there with the needed censorship.

Can I draw fanart of any of your OCs?

Of course you can! Please link me on twitter so I can see it! My twitter is @loonytwin

Why isn't EOMC fully uncensored here?

I decided to keep the fully uncensored comic a patreon exclusive as a benefit for those who directly support my work. Even so, you can still 100% understand the story through this version.

Do you have other comics?

I have some work in progress comics! I will start uploading once I am almost done with EOMC.

What tier do I have to be on Patreon to read the comic uncensored?

You need to be at Level 2 which is the second tier (5USD) to be able to see the full comic uncensored, you will also be 15+ pages ahead of public update on Webtoons and Tapas, and be a whole chapter ahead from my website.  

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