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Eyes On Me Comic [Book Preorders]

Hey guys! Store is now live for anyone interested in my books! It's been quite a while but I am happy I can have them available again for a limited time.

Keep in mind! Some books will not have a reprint (most likely 1-4) I am in the process of planning for my new comic, onto new stuff! 8D I feel it's time to prepare and I am VERY excited!

Chapter 6 will be available online after patreon orders are out, most likely next month or so, more info coming soon!

Store will close in around 2ish weeks or until I run out of preorder spots!

Thanks again! Any questions please email regarding books!

WARNING: Theses books are NSFW, fully uncensored, yes dicks can be seen! You can check out some photos down here for previews.


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