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Chapter 6 questions and other stuff

Hey! I've seen some comments asking about Chapter 6 posting date, it will be added here once it's complete online(on tapas and webtoons).

Patreon is already on chapter 7!

Good news is, Chapter 7 comes with double updates a week, a page on Tuesdays and Fridays! Patrons are already enjoying the double pages and it's making the story progress much smoother, I feel it works great mainly because of all the drama(spoilers??) So I'm very happy I was able to get an assistant <3

I added a fanart section on here to keep them at least somewhere lol If you've seen my art before, some pieces will be recognizable! I think mainly from Final Fantasy XV, Voltron and maybe some Free!/Haikyuu! The art is pretty old so don't get too excited, my style has changed quite a bit T-T I wish I had more time for fanart but between EOMC and my new comic, I barely have inspiration for anything else;; I did some genshin impact stuff recently so I'm doing my best!

Patreon members have show interest on the Micah and Andrew pairing! I am very tempted to do at least a small doujin of them, not a full on story since I am far too busy with my other projects, but it would be a nice bonus for the EOMC story, please look forward to that!

Book sales will start soon, I am preparing slowly but surely, sorry for taking so long, planning is the hardest part T-T Thanks to everyone that is looking forward to purchasing books!

I will be updating this site first when books go on sale!

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Mar 31, 2023

Micah and Andrew DOUJIN YOU SAY seiohgrgoiher color me interested, super interested, mega interested

Mar 31, 2023
Replying to

YEAH!! it got a lot of interested I am very much gonna do it <3

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